Social Media roast UBC TV for putting wrong caption on AFCON finals


The question in point should be to what went did the national broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Television (UBCTV) was infiltrated by ‘Abanyampi’ (Ineffective employees) given the low standards at which its satisfying consumers with content.

Being a national broadcaster, one without doubt could expect the best as far as content dissemination is concerned to the consumer given the fact that the company is fully funded by tax payer’s money but surprisingly, its the opposite.

From failing to fulfil its obligations mention informing and updating the nation with a series of consumable events mention the recently concluded African Cup of Nations, one might have let the matter go for God’s sake despite the fact that our very own national soccer team, the Uganda Cranes was fully representing.

However, social media in-laws with no doubt have on Sunday 21st July been too concerned by the latest development of the national media house feeding Ugandans with wrong information about the recently concluded Afcon campaigns after asserting that Algeria beat Senegal to win the world cup hence being roasted to the fullest.

Can we brain storm enough answers to the standing question about who is bewitching code #256?