Six Year Old Famous Comedian Dies Of Malaria, Read the Full Story

Kacaman dead

A six year old Burundian boy comedian known for his comic stand-up routines on YouTube and in local theatres, has died of malaria. His manager told the BBC that Darcy Irakoze, better known by his stage name “Kacaman”, tested positive for malaria on Wednesday at a clinic near his home in central Gitega province.

“He was given malaria medication and returned home, only to go back to the clinic yesterday critically ill,” the manager said.

Kacaman’s last performance was with Kigingi, a comedy icon in Burundi, in Gitega last Friday. Kigingi revealed that the young comedian’s death was a great loss personally and for Burundi’s entertainment industry.

The death of the young star has also focused attention on the high number of malaria cases in the country this year.

Below is one of his famous clips: