Sheebah Karungi’s heart-warming message to her ageing mother, read here

Sheebah Karungi with her mother Edith Kabazungu

TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has on Thursday 8th August had a surprise visit by her mother at her crib thereby enjoying some good time as a family.

Apart from being a mother and a big inspiration behind her successful story, little did the Silwana’ singer know that the former has all along been her number one fan.

The ‘Swagg mama’s mother has turned up dressed in a white T-shirt donning Sheebah Karungi’s image to sum up the fact that she is indeed her number one fan and a true Sheebaholic.

From showering praises to her earthly hero in and enjoying good times with her mother, social media in-laws have been left perplexed wondering why Sheebah has till now not emulated her mother’s love to become a mother too.

“I Spent The Whole Day With The Person I Love, Cherish & Respect The Most In This World!! My Mama I Didn’t Want Her To Go But… Well, Duty Calls. Thank You Mama For The 7 Months You Carried And All The Pain & Sufferings. I Respect You More & More Every Day Mama May God Continue Keeping You Safe & Sound For Us Love You Mama Her Coming Through In This T.shirt Shocked Me But I Loved It!!#MyFavouriteShee­baholic,” Stated TNS singer Sheebah Karungi through her social media.