Sheebah Karungi Explains Why She Dresses the Way She Wants

Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah Karungi

In recent weeks musician Sheebah Kalungi has been at her worst days in her life time receiving all the criticisms directed to her about her dress code and being called an indecent lady with no moral code.

However, Blizz Uganda took an initiative to find out why the songstress furiously responded to the minster of ethics and integrity and his committee as well other personalities from the public.

The “ice cream” hit maker disclosed that people have failed to differentiate between her personality and her career. The Diva further added that her dressed code is intended to entice up and sell up her musical products to her clients saying that the clients and trend dictates a lot about her dress. Sheebah exclusively explains that her personality is totally different from whom they watch on shows and apologetically advised the critics to always learn her two sides thus the music (business) and parental side.

Below are some of the statements by Sheebah that were directed basically to Rev. Further Lukodo and his committee as well as other critics about the songstress’s dress code.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you Ugandans doing what I do doesn’t make me stupid, my dress code doesn’t in anyway exhibit the real Sheebah Kalungi, its just being stylish and making people love my job. Personally I love looking hot and spicy that’s why I adopt trendy fashions.

You said I spoil your children but I don’t think I’m more pornographic than Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Rihana that you watch that you watch on your TV with you little ones routinely” Sheebah furiously reacted.


  1. Comment:Sheebah is talking business sense. The way she dresses onstage, video shoots and promos is a sure way of packaging her product which her music. I am very sure that you cannot find her strutting around in hot pants when she’s not doing anything related to music. Ethics is not only about dress code. Our dear minister should put more emphasis on officials who abuse work ethics and kill public trust in leadership.


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