Shammy K leaves MC Kats with thorny pants, wishes no one was watching

MC Kats with Shammy K

Our summary of the weekend celebrity showbiz ended up snipping upcoming singer Shammy K as the problem to her master as she forced celebrated events emcee and TV host grow a big thorn in his pants as a result of her electrifying s@xy stage performance.

Truth has to be told that indeed the NBSafter5 show host might have been born as a victim of lust given the too much appetite he has as far as cultivating juicy thigh gardens no wonder he was caught offside by baby mama Fille Mutoni hence dumping him.

During a music performance by Shammy K, one of his new raw talents signed on to his Kats Music label, the pencil sized emcee surprised revelers when he hit stage at Vegas Chill out Kawempe to pull off erotic dance moves with Shammy K that left his pants totally wet.

Though it was part of her stage magic and performance, revelers are still wondering whether MC Kats was really in heat to the extent of trying to mount Shammy K like no more.

Let’s watch the space.