Shamed Becky Juuko Sent to Rehab to Forget Her N#de Pics

Ebonies Actress Beckie Juuko pics

Latest reports we are getting on Blizz Uganda desks state that Ebonies actress and dancer Sulayina Nanyendo alias Princess Becky Juuko whose n#de pics were leaked a few weeks ago has been checked into rehabilitation.

It is said that the Pornographic Control Committee (PCC) established that the actress needs a lot of help to overcome the situation that she was put through after she was summoned before the PCC o answer questions about how her private pictures made it to the internet.

But following what was discussed in that meeting, Dr Annette Kezaabu the Chairperson of PCC told media that they don’t intend to press charges against the actress since she was very remorseful, but rather planning for a way of helping her to overcome the situation.

“We don’t want women objectified by jealous and angry lovers. We haven’t seen anybody exposing the nudes of a boy. But it’s always women victims, so we are now fighting that. We are looking for ways of rehabilitating this girl,” she said.

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