Scared Already? Jose Chameleone Hints About Quitting Politics

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Politician turned singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has on Saturday 18th May opened up about his Kampala City Lord Mayorship aspiration affirming that he is ready to step aside if a better candidate from the voters’ choice rises up for the contest.

Fully inspired and energised by fellow brother in the industry, MP Bobi Wine, the Leone Island Music Empire recently shocked revelers when he unleashed his intentions of unseating incumbent Kampala City Lord Mayor, Hon. Erias Lukwago in a bid of pushing for a new city that is meant to accommodate all citizens with pride and satisfaction.

The “Kibooko” singer however, clearly states he has encountered a lot of negative criticism from youth and critics who assert that he is not the right person for the job in his quest for the biggest political office in the city.

And according to the singer, If he is convinced of a better choice of a candidate for the Kampala City Lord Mayorship seat, he is ready to step aside for the betterment of his City.

We are all struggling to be understood and FREE at the end of it!

It’s so sad we can never achieve such a dream if we still despise our positive energy.

We should understand how best We can deliver our society.
It’s still fortunate, When I read those comments of people who think we must not out all our eggs in our basket.
Amidst a revolution we are all participants- meaning even the lowest man and society energy is paramount.

We all have been affected and each of us must play in this. What shall we do as this error of society was grown from colonialism and we as brave youths haven’t stood to try rectify what went wrong.

It’s for us as a whole ,As my intentions are for all of us. So many youths have been told it’s not possible – For me nothing is not possible . UGANDA let’s rise in belief!! Let’s not doubt who we are. And believe in each other. Amongst the 43 million, Few are willing to challenge but some of us are ready to make a difference – Banange Twenunule!!! Tweweereze, Tweekolere. Bingi!!!

If any one can be better, Am ready to step aside as long as tugende mumaaso. Tuzuukuke. GOOD MORNING UGANDA LEONE ISAND MUSIC EMPIRE,” Said Jose Chameleone through his social media Facebook platform.