Sauti Sol’s singer, Bien hires full cinema hall to propose to girlfriend

Sauti Sol's Bien Aime proposes to girlfriend Chiki
Sauti Sol's Bien Aime proposes to girlfriend Chiki

Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien-Aime Baraza finally decided to propose to his long term girlfriend, Chiki Onwukwe yesterday in a small intimate proposal where he hired a full cinema hall just to pour out his heart for her.

Bien Aime, went on his knee at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya and even though when you think of a mall, you may figure the proposal was public but this was not the case as the African vocal star made sure they had their privacy.

When love hit it’s peak, Bien hired an entire cinema hall at the mall and made sure only a few friends witness the proposal before he went down on one knee with a diamond ring in it’s box.

Among the friends who were there, inclided ‘Night Nurse’ Tallia Oyando and fashion stylist, Annabel Onyango. “Have just had the honour of witnessing these two get engaged! Epic moments! Yay to love! God is great!” wrote Annabel on social media.

Kiki was very surprised and expressed her gratitude to Bien for making it special and hiring a full cinema for her.

Bien-Aaime Alusa Baraza with Chiki Onwukwe

Who is Chiki Onwukwe?

Chiki, a Nigerian national, spent most of her life in the United Kingdom with her family. Born to a journalist father and a lawyer mum, she studied philosophy, logic and metaphysics.

After moving to Kenya, the fitness trainer earned the nickname ‘Kuruka’ from a popular campaign she ran that urged ladies to lose weight by dancing for half an hour every morning.

Bien-Aaime Alusa Baraza with Chiki
Bien-Aaime Alusa Baraza with Chiki


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