Police hunting down Amarula Family comedian over theft

Amarula Family

Police in Mityana district has kick started investigations in which Amarula Family comedian Mr. Joseph Ntege is accused of stealing from his master a number of household items.

The pin-sized comedian allegedly on the run who happens to be a member of popular comedy group ‘Amarula Family’ that is headed by Amooti Omubaranguzi stole a number of household property from a primary school teacher and a catechist of Zigoti Church of Uganda, Mityana.

Among the talented items is a plasma television set, a smart phone mobile phone, computer, cooker, an iron box among others.

The shamba boy who at the same time been operating as a house keeper is wanted on police reference 16/02/07/19 and the public has been urged to report him to the nearest police station so as to take homes huge reward incase they happen to spot him in their locality.

Amarula family member shamba boy