“Please accept the pampers and pads, we need them”- Hilderman advises Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo - Dr Hilderman

Mawokota Member of Parliament aspirant Dr Hilderman has come out and stood with Pastor Aloysius Bugingo for abusing his wife and finally apologizing but he has not sided with women activists who are giving back the pads and cotton Bugingo claimed to have bought for his wife Teddy.

Apparently, as women gathered at Bat Valley Theatre to take back Bugingo’s things, Hilderman decided to side with the “Man of God” to accept the cotton and pads people are giving him so that they can help other girls.

Read Hilderman’s letter to Bugingo below:


Some of us who believe in God, believe that there is an opportunity in every bad or good situation that comes to us and around us. I first heard about Kikulukuto victims when we joined Kabaka’ s birthday Marathon run to raise money to help these victims. In your submission I further learnt that many people face this health challenge and are too poor to get the necessary treatment and care(yours was lucky)


As the world judges you, many have not taken keen attention to this disease and they won’t untill something positive comes from it. Many of us were not happy with your submissions and we judged you basing on respect aspects. I was happy when you apologised to the misunderstanding in your submissions and am sure the civilised group pulled down their sticks .

Let’s use this drive to let the world know that that kikulukuto is existing, serious and very expensive to facilitate and treat. Let your alarm not be used against you but use this very alarm to help victims of kikulukuto.

Do not mind critics, God could have used you to create awareness and help lobby funds to benefit victims. Let your apology benefit that suffering woman.

Pastor receive the pampers and cotton from everyone actually tell them to bring many you will start with that to facilitate my proposal. Launch a campaign against kikulukuto and call in everyone to help with all they have. Victms need these pampers and cotton do not feel shy to receive them.

God has plans for certain events, ategedde gamba nti Amiina.

Dr. Hilderman
Kiyaga Hillary Innocent Akamega Enjovu
Mawokota wano.” Hilderman posted on social media.