Photos: Prophet Elvis Mbonye Welcomed Like a President at Entebbe Airport

Hundreds of Ugandans gathered at Entebbe International Airport to welcome back the famous Prophet Elvis Mbonye who was coming back home from Angola where he was invited by Tony Calado (The prophet of faith) to share and preach the gospel.

While arriving at Entebbe Airport, Elvis Mbonye was given the welcome of a king or a president and taken straight to the VIP airport lounge as soon as he landed.

Various people gathered with their families to receive blessings from the prophet as even some believers went as far as laying their clothes down on the ground for the prophet to walk on to receive blessings from his shoes.

Prophet Elvis is one of Uganda’s most treasured religious icons and not leaving behind, fashion icons. He made a name for himself when believers kissed his shoes to receive blessings as he claimed that he had walked through heaven and met Jesus.

The good news however is that he has promised three weeks of special miracles. On 17th, 24th and 31st of October this year. Welcome back Prophet Elvis Mbonye.


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