PHOTOS: Citysexual vamp Alicia Bosschic parades off booty in nude shoot

Alicia Bosschic
Alicia Bosschic

City socialite and Liquid Silk official PR Alica Kembabazi real names but known as Alicia Bosschic has sent her social medis followers into a wh00per stand up contest after desperately posting different photos of herself either half dressed or with her behind all out.

The brown skinned Alicia, despite being the host of the weekly Kinky Tuesdays that are held at Liquid Silk Bugolobi, she is also a city s3x vamp or tramp that has raised  attention to her club night by filling it with different men.

She has been posting a series of different photos on her social media, some we can’t post here but we already have some we think aren’t so much PG.

Check them out below:

Alicia Bosschic Alicia Bosschic Alicia Bosschic Alicia Bosschic


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