PHOTOS: 30year old Bad Black poses n@ked with 24year old lover Sky West

Bad Black with Sky West

City socialite, Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black who is currently heavily pregnant and soon celebrating her 3oth birthday has shocked her fans and followers after parading off shirtless photos with her boyfriend.

After breaking up with his zungu fiance, Bad Black decided to concentrate on her “smart mukila” as she loves calling him, a 24year old guy called Sky West.

The two went for a babybump or pregnancy photoshoot where she showed off her skills in love with the guy.

“Uganda s landlocked coz jealousy flow like periods Ok am makin 30yrs nxt Friday Sky West 24 but hv i ever complain’d nti tatuka 😂mbwa mwe da zolos fits me very well that’s why i dumped all old men and there a lot of important things u must force on nze sili nkyoko nti ngenda kubayosa oba sky mwana wakitawo mind ur business so u age like fine wine
Forgive us for a shaming ur family kumanyoko Meanwhile mbwa mwe
Am n love with him kati call ur lubale to separate us” she captioned the photos on her Facebook.

Check out the photos below: