Pepsi Company Issued a Warning for Using Dirty Bottles

Uganda went to an utter shock as a one consumer reported to the group that unites Ugandans known as the Concerned Citizens and the group’s director Mr Lule Mark Savio was compelled to write a letter to the country Director Crown Beverages Uganda through the brand manager of Mirinda Fruity the specific brand that had issues.

This all went as a consumer who bought a Mirinda fruity soda brand a product of Crown Beverages call it Pepsi which also produces Mirinda orange, Mountain dew , Pepsi and found a used straw packed inside the bottle which had the soda content. This eminently showed that the bottlers do not wash and clean the bottles before refilling them.

This puts people’s lives and health at risk since most of the bottles are taken back in a very sorry hygienic state. So if the whole bottles that are refilled are not washed, then there is a huge problem to consumers. In the letter, Lule threatened to inform the general public to boycott buying crown beverages products if the company doesn’t change on the way it handles its hygiene cases.

Warning fro Pepsi


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