Pastor Bugingo’s Sheep Gift Him With Thousands of Shillings, Mocks Haters (VIDEO)

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo collects huge tithe

The cold war between House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI) lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and his wife Teddy Naluswa has taken a controversial shape, attracting all sorts of attacks after photos of a multi-million house went viral hence raising concern from critics who alleged that he was robbing his flock to only better his finance and personal well being.

Having proved his inner feelings for his new mistress Susan Makula Nantaba was more than serious by raising for her a multi-million mansion, concerns from revelers became the order of the day wondering why a Man of God could capitalise on robbing his flock hence leaving them in total poverty as he kept living in paradise.

His prayer service over the weekend at Canaan Land, Makerere Kikoni was the icing on the cake as Pastor Bugingo mobilised the congregation to contribute their tithe wholesomely to prove critics that they always give out to the Lord by their own will and not on gun point.

Accompanied with a moral boasting hymn, Pastor Bugingo managed to make a statement to his critics as he went go home with a full basket of millions of shillings from his flock hence advising Vision Group to take heart since all the moneys collected are put into God’s service.

It must be noted that the later is in a mobilisation drive to collect over 7 Billion UGX to set up a permanent worshipping place dubbed as the Pentagon.

Watch the video below: