“Pastor Bugingo’s Cult Must Be Stopped”- Fifi Da Queen

Fifi Da Queen

Outspoken Bukedde TV show host Fiona Nabitengero alias Fifi Da Queen has also come out to throw jibes at the controversial House of Prayer Ministries CEO Pastor Aloysious Bugingo whom she believes isn’t different from Joseph Kibwetere in the way he is implementing his pastoral works.

As a number of concerned Ugandans continue to rise up with concern about the humiliation and degrading treatment Pastor Aloysius Bugingo is treating his wife, Teddy Naluswa, the ‘Ekyenkya kya Weekendi’ Bukedde TV show host couldn’t keep a deaf ear without sharing her feelings at the way her fellow woman and mother is being ashamed recklessly in the public domain by her husband.

“I wish I could utilise God’s Powers for at least two minutes, I could demolish every Born Again Church since the Bugingos and Kibwetere have common ties and traits.

In the African Traditional Society, a father wasn’t allowed to monitor his daughter who was experiencing her peas (Menstrual cycle) caz it was an abomination since the child was transiting to adulthood. Now what Pastor Bugingo is doing is like shaming the child in the public that she forgot to put on her sanitary pads,” Said Fifi Da Queen.

The furious ‘Kanayokya ani’ show host has prayed that since Joseph Kibwetere, the sadistic fellow who is famously remembered for master minding the tragic inferno in which 1000 people died in the early 2000, though he is a wanted man, he should better come back and handle these arrogant so called ‘pastors’ like Bugingo.

“Kibwetere should come back to Uganda for a while and handle these so called ‘pastors’ like Bugingo.

Pastor Bugingo Arrested and Detained at an Unknown Location