Pastor Aloysius Bugingo Joins ‘Taata Fresh Kid’ Challenge

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo

House of Prayer Ministries CEO Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has on Monday 8th July 2019 too taken part in the popular social media ‘Taata Fresh Kid’ challenge and from a religious perspective he has indeed killed it off.

Given the fact that he is the first personality from the several religious denominations to try out the trending challenge, he has been outstanding as he capitalizes on the challenge to encourage the flock to donate the little they have in a bid of supporting God’s work.

It must be remembered that it was Mr. Paul Mutabaazi, fast rising teenage rapper Fresh Kid’s dad, who started off the challenge through TV interview where he described himself in a hilarious way by waving his hand in front of the camera as the father of the young celebrity a video that went viral online hence gripping over social media by storm.

Watch Pastor Bugingo taking on the ‘Taata Fresh Kid’ challenge during the Monday lunch hour service: