One On One with Singer Lily Kadima – Biographic Interview

Lily Kadima interview with Blizz Uganda
Lily Kadima interview with Blizz Uganda

Getting to know our musicians deeper, today we had an interesting chat with Queen of Afro Fusionist in Uganda, singer Lily Kadima who took us on a roller-coaster of her personal and music life.

Lily Kadima explained to our reporter what makes her a unique afro fusionist and how she is able to fuse different genres of music and make it all sound so nice to the ears of the listeners and fans.

When asked whether is under any management, Kadima explained how she is not signed by anyone but working with ateam that supports her. She went ahead and revealed the kinds of challenges female musicians face in the industry of Uganda.

In the middle of our chat, Lily Kadima went ahead and explained to us why she left Fusion Band, how she has been able to stay on top of her game upto where is today.

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