Oman Rafiki bursts nasty secrets why Sharon Peyton doesn’t settle with management

Yese Oman Rafiki
Yese Oman Rafiki

Music Producer, songwriter and turned musician Yesse Oman Rafiki is the latest to come out to speak about his separation with singer Sharon Peyton.

One might wonder as to why the singer has been making headlines throughout the week as far as her stagnant music career is concerned but we have some clues as to why.

Sharon Peyton full names Sharon Nabunya was dumped by Yesse Oman Rafiki of Route Entertainment and replaced with Vivian Tendo but without clear reasons for the singer hitting a dead end.

Though the ‘Dingi Dingi Dole’ singer could later get signed up by Karma Ivan, things also ended not working up as expected leading to a bitter split.

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As far as the life of an artiste manager is concerned, we have tried to follow up Sharon Peyton’s career and according to her former promoter, Yesse Oman Rafiki, the promising singer seems to be unlucky with her music talent basing on the little time he had while taking over as a manager as she was not yielding any fruits despite the too much dimes he injected in her works.

“The business was not moving as expected and I was not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” – Said Yesse Oman Rafiki while speaking about his separation with singer Sharon Peyton during an interview with a certain TV in town.

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