Nsenene and Wine Festival Postponed to November

Nsenene (Grasshoppers)
Nsenene (Grasshoppers)

Striddle Events Africa Limited, a registered events company organizing the first ever ‘Nsenene And Wine’ has announced that the first edition which was slated this month on Sunday 26th May at Aer Lounge Gardens has been postponed to November.

This comes after the bizarre climate changes in the rainy month of May, a season where Nsenene swarm.

Striddle’s research team ascertained that unlike other years, this year is a kin to a few where it hasn’t rained pretty early enough to enable Nsenene to come out enormously hence forcing them to postpone the event.

Owing to that, the team has been forced to push the much anticipated event to November (another season for Nsenene) and thus promised to bring it back at an even bigger venue.

We shall keep you posted.