Nabweteme finally finds out the real father of her son, apologizes to Geosteady

Nabweteme Noreen - Her Son George William - Geosteady

In the afternoon of 14th May 2019, singer George William Kigozi aka Geosteady together with his father, Kigozi senior and manager drove to Nabweteme Noreen’s home, a woman claiming for child support from her.

But upon arriving there, alot of drama took place including the woman fainting upon laying her eyes on Geosteady before she was forced to the clinic to take a DNA test of the child and the claimed father.

The DNA test was carried out but before even the results returned,  Nabweteme and her friends in the middle of the night called up Geosteady who was wrapped in the arms of his pregnant wife Prima Kardash and told him that they had found out who the real father of the child was.

According to Prima’s post on Snapchat, she says that Nabweteme apologized to the singer and his family as she said that they had found out who the real father of her son is.

Nabweteme Geosteady and Prima drama