“My new song is fire, make sure you play it”- Fresh Daddy asks MC Kats

Fresh Kid's father Fresh Daddy aka Paul Mutabaazi

The ball is now over to the celebrated events emcee and TV personality Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats to decide whether to enrich his relationship with struggling upcoming singer Fresh Daddy or not.

The development comes after “Don K Bwongo” crying out like a little baby to plead to NBSafter5 co-host give him a second chance in music and join his music promotion team instead of fighting him like no more.

Following the castigation and fighting of his first project ‘Mazike’ which Kats labelled to ‘bullshit’ and advised him not to bother the music industry, Fresh Daddy capitalised on his latest embarrassment while performing to drop a new project dubbed ‘Obucuupa’ through which he thinks its now evident that he is now promising and fit to compete in the industry.

Watch Fresh Daddy’s confession to MC Kats below: