Micheal Ross Releases New Song Called “Tobiwanvuya”

TOBIWANVUYA - Micheal Ross
TOBIWANVUYA - Micheal Ross

RnB singer Micheal Ross Kakooza has finally released a brand new audio project after he was thrown away from stage and embarrassed by bouncers during the Ginuwine concert in Uganda last month.

Preferably one can say this was a blessing in disguise that has helped hype and rejuvenate the musical career of singer Michael Ross who had gone off Ugandan music charts for a couple of years and now embarked on releasing new music.

In his new audio dubbed “Tobiwanvuya” literally meaning do not prolong, this directly urges fans and the public not to prolong events where the ‘Nkwetaga’ singer was humiliated in the eyes of fans while being thrown away from the stage.

However, let’s keep the fingers crossed and observe if the single will bring back Micheal Ross to the lime light and claim the top spot after falling out of favors of the masses after the raise and change of the music style in the industry by fresh talents.

Listen to the audio below: