Meet Red UG, a new music trio here to dismantle B2C

Red Ug

It’s not everyday that we have a music trio rise up in Uganda as in the past 10 years we’ve had only two boy trio groups in the country which include; B2C boys and the South African based New Chapter and now we itroduce to you a trio called Red UG. 

Red is a music group comprised of three members namely; Edrine Mukwaya (edrine bronx), Yiga Johnson (mickey) and Ntabazi Kazzi Alexander(alex) and it was formed in 2016. The 3members had a strong participation in school entertainment programmes mostly musicals; i.e break dancing,singing in choirs rapping explaining there capabilities and doing anything musically entertaining.

The members got together at music exhibitions setup including rap battles, house parties so decided to make music officially.

Red Ug

Red does mostly urban music genres of music i.e pop,hip pop,dancehall and afropop there first album is consisting of songs ie sorry an rnb song, life time a pop song,and dancefloor an electro dancehall released consecutively song other songs on the album including hustle(hash tug), in the bank, drummer and breakdown.

its so far one of the best afro pop best groups in Eastafrica.The group was inspired by Kendrick Lamar, usher, Micheal Jackson, Mafiki Zolo and locally there inspired by Chameleone and afrigo band its ambition is to always create a positive change driven by honesty,kindness and love through music.

Watch the teaser of their upcoming music video below: