Mathias Walukagga launches bitter war on Sasha Brighton, not happy that Shonga is driving his car

Latest news we are getting on Blizz Uganda desks indicate how struggling singer, Sasha Brighton is currently at war with renown Kadongokamu singer, Mathias Walukagga because of the car that Sasha currently drives.

According to Doberre, Mathias Walukaaga says that when Sasha decided to buy a ride, she did not have enough money so she reached out to him. The self styled Mr Smart claims he helped her top up the money and as soon as Sasha gott her dream car, she dumped him.

What hurts him more is the fact that Sasha’s current boyfriend, Herbert Shonga drives it around yet he did not contribute a single cent. He has since been doing interviews on media asking Sasha to bring back the car.

Herbert Shonga with Sasha Brighton

However when Sasha heard the news, she was quick to blast Walukaaga. She denied claims that he ever contributed to the car. The ‘Manyi Gange’ hit maker says Walukaaga is too stingy to buy anything for a woman.

“You know men are so stingy especially in this era; no man can give a woman a huge gift like a car. When he does, he can claim it because he has a right. Let him come claim the car if he says, it is.” She said.

“He has never given me a car and if he says that, let him come and claim it. If you say the car if yours, and you have the documents to prove, i dare him to come and claim it. He could not have put it in my name because he is too stingy.” She added.

Mathias Walukagga playing football
Mathias Walukagga

And about Herbert driving the car, Sasha claims he has every right to do so because he is her boyfriend.

“I give it to Herbert because we work together and he is my man, so he has to drive it.”

On reports that Walukaaga is jealous because she dumped him for Shonga, Sasha denied ever being in a relationship with the singer.

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