Married men: Here is how you should treat your wives

Dear MEN, you can play with girls, have as many as you can, do all you want when you are still single. But once you get married, behave like a married man and if you are not ready to get married, then wait instead of messing around with someone’s daughter.

When you are married, stick to one partner, putting breaking hearts aside, diseases came. They kill.

Married men, distance yourself from those female friends of yours that she doesn’t know. Once you find yourself hiding a female friend from her, then that’s cheating stop it.

In marriage, there are no private journeys. You must tell her where you are going because in case of anything she’s the first to be asked.

In marriage, they plan. Surprises stop at dating. Unless it’s a dress, or a meal, big things in a family must be planned together. Let her get involved in; is it a plot of land or a car? Let her know before.

In marriage, they don’t come home late unless you have told her earlier. If you always leave workplace late, she knows, therefore be home in the time she expects to see you there.

Your mother is your mother not your wife. Once you get marriage, your wife is the one responsible for you and your family. Do not let your mom bring rules in your home. Respect her as a mother but be wise. Even the Bible says that a boy will LEAVE his mother and father to find a woman and the two shall be one flesh.

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You are 100% responsible for your wife’s well being. If she needs anything, you are the one to provide. If she’s working and providing herself most of the things, thank God but that doesn’t take sway her privileges as a wife. If she asks you anything give it to her, supplement her budgets. Don’t ask where she puts her money.

Remember she has a right to own property of her own, start her own businesses, establish her own investments in her names. It’s no longer 1999 where women had to put everything that is theirs in the husbands’ names.

One more reminder is, if you are not ready to act as a married man, my brother leave marriage alone. I wish you the best.