Manager Francis Replaces Fresh Kid with a New Female Rapper

Kirabo Rehema

There is definitely no benefit of doubt that Francis Kamoga, the Manager to fast rising teenage rapper Patrick Senyonjo alias Fresh Kid UG will give him a second chance in music after signing up a six year old Kirabo Rehema to the Texas Management as his replacement.

Despite crying out for refugee from his greedy father who is limiting him from feeling the vibe of music and promotion from manager Kamoga, it seems that the ‘Bambi’ singer should forsake music and concentrate fully on his studies since his management ran out of patience for his inconsiderate dad.

It is alleged that manager Francis is now putting his focus on the six year old Kirabo Remah, the newly recruited rapper to De Texas Entertainment, the label that manages Fresh Kid UG to fill the void left by the later.

Kirabo is a Primary two pupil at Broadway Primary School, Kampala.