Manager Francis Orders Fresh Daddy to Return Kid to his Mother

Fresh Kid UG - Manager Francis Kamoga

As the battle for who should sing and shouldn’t is still running around, Manager Francis Kamoga has come-out and asked Paul Mutabaazi aka Fresh Daddy to return his kid to his mother Madrine Namata.

While appearing on a Local TV for an interview, to be spicific BBS Telefayina, Manager Francis said that since the father is also now singing and spending nights out in the bar, maybe he shoud return Fresh Kid to his mother to take care of him.

“I want Fresh Kid to be returned to his mother since the father is now only concentrating on his music career”- he said.

“Fresh Kid stays with his father and they sleep in the same house but nowadays the father leaves the kid alone in the house at night as the father goes out to perform, which is not good. So I want him to be returned to his mother,” Manager Kamoga added.

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