Man in Busoga caught chewing a married woman in husband’s bed (VIDEO)

Man Caught sleping with a married woman

The latest news from our sources indicates that a man whose identity is not yet clear has been caught red-handed sleeping with another man’s wife in their home bed which has caught alot of chaos between the couple..

It is reported that the husband of the woman identified as Maama Patience was so tired of always suspecting his wife of cheating but needed proof so he laid down his camera until he caught the two red handed in the act.

Maam Patience’s husband grabbed, started beating and slapping the man who had his panties down seriously enjoying the forbidden fruit of his wife as she (Maama Patience) looked to be so confident as she only woke up to organize the already disorganized room.

This video clip has already gone viral and circulating allover different social media platforms and now we have it here for you.

Watch the video below:


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