Justine Nameere Arrested, Sent to Luzira Prison For 6 Months

Justine Nameere

Recently banned from Vision Group, fired from NTV Uganda, and on police’s wanted list, former Media Personality Justine Nameere has been arrested and sentenced to sleep behind bars for 6 months.

It has been reported that Justine has been on police’s most wanted list for failing to fullfil her promises and making false promises to maoney lenders hence landing her to getting arrested.

According to a statement Blizz Uganda received, it is being said that;

“Justine sold a car to someone yet the same car was used as an insurance while borrowing money so she failed to pay back and as the story unfolded, we wanted her to pay back but she kept hiding until we placed her picture on every police post and now she has been captured.

We shall only let her go if she can pay that money she stole from us, if not, she is going to sleep behind bars for 6 months,” one of the lenders revealed to Blizz reporters.

Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Justine Nameere