Judith Heard Shocks Nation After Showing Off Her HIV Results (Photos)

Judith Heard HIV Aids Results
Judith Heard HIV Aids Results

Faded city socialite, model and renown man eater Judith Heard shocks the entire nation with her HIV results when she paraded them off on social media hence sparking off a major debate on social media.

After seeing the results, proud “Cat seller” Bad Black threw shed at Judith Heard via her snapchat saying that there’s no way Judith Heard could ever be Negative and that she must have bribed the hospital staff to bring back results showing that he is negative.

Being  a mother of 3 kids who is always chewing on different men, Judith Heard is well known for always being high and out of control hence ending up sleeping with different men including musicians, socialites and so many more.

Judith Heard
Judith Heard

According to reliable source, Judith Heard has slept with almost every male celebrity in Uganda including; Toniks, Exodus, Maro, Andrew kyamagero, Jose Chameleone, Weasel Manizo, Onyango Gareth, AK47 and so many more.

Around 2014, Onyango and Judith were an item and they used to enjoy bumpy night flings until when Judith Heard decided to share her dirty n#dies with Onyango that later landed in the hands of his wife Nickita Bachu.

Judith Heard's HIV Aids Results
Judith Heard’s HIV Aids Results Negative

These drought striking pictures of Judith Heard made crazy rounds on social media also creating a great marital hiccup in both relationships. Judith Heard and Nickita had a battle for some time then later reconciled.

Now, reports also have it that she has already slept with upcoming singer Grenade leading to her breakup with her good friend Sue Ochola as they chew on the same man.

Check out the reactions below:

Judith Heard's HIV Aids Results Negative

Judith Heard's HIV Aids Results Negative Judith Heard's HIV Aids Results Negative