Herbert Shonga and Sasha Brighton’s Bonking Agreement Leaks (Photos)

Herbert Shonga with Sasha Brighton

As drams is still unfolding, an exclusive and private letter allegedly written by Sasha Brighton has surfaced on social media and now brought up a lot of chaos between the lovers of Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga.

Apparently, the letter was posted on social media by some bloggers and it caught our attention, however, some people have come out and trashed it saying that it is not a real latter but we are not here to judge, but rather to inform you.

In the leaked letter, Sasha Brighton is seen pledging and promising to be Herbert Shonga’s side dish who will not do anything excess but rather stay in her lane and serve out her legs to him as they agree.

Read the letter for yourself below:

Sasha Brighton and Herbert Shonga contract

See below: