Henry Tigan threatens to arrest journalists reporting fake news

Henry Tigan

Faded singer Kirumaganyi Henry popularly known as Henry Tigan has threatened to sue local website known as Kampala Eagle for defamation and fragrant libel.

This follows a fabricated story making rounds on the entire social media platforms pinning the struggling musician for alleging that Bobi Wine suffocated his entire music career when he initiated him into the Ghetto ways of smoking weed while still at Fire Base.

The ‘Muzudde’ singer has stated that Kampala Eagle been writing ill and fake information about his personality ever since he called it quits with MP Bobi Wine but it’s high time he puts this to an end.

Henry Tigan
Henry Tigan

All along youv’e been writing ill information about me ever since i left Bobi Wine but it’s hightime i put this to an end. First of all you don’t even know how i look like because your’e using an old photo. It is so annoying that you don’t even know the journey of me and Bobi Wine so your’e writing this to increase on your’e likes, your’e turnishing my name just to kill my fun base and increase on youre’s. What do you realy know about me and Bobi Wine.

I was with him during the campaigns that led to his rise as the MP of Kyadondo East. Why don’t you tell people the truth that you’re their worst enemy you Kampala Eagle guys. Who is behind this?, Who is paying you? Please lets meet in court coz am fed up of this, your’e so disgusting. PLIZ ENDEAVOR TO TURN UP WHEN GIVEN A COURT ORDER,” stated singer Henry Tigan.

Once a mega music prospect that was predicted to hit greater heights in the local music industry, Henry Tigan is still now tracing for the exact cause of the down of his career with many alleging that his former promoter, Suudiman’s curse is still haunting him.


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