HEARTBREAK: Fifi Da Queen’s Fiance Introduced by Another Woman

Fifi Da Queen's Fab Love introduced to the parents of his mystery chic

Is Bukedde TV’s presenter Fiona Nabitengero alias Fifi Da Queen currently dying in her own movie after the latest rumor on our news desk affirming that her husband, a one Abdallah Nsubuga alias Fab Love was recently introduced by another hot chic in town.

Having endured a series of painful relationships mention faded singer Ziza Bafana and music promoter Suudiman, the ‘Kanayonkya ani’ TV show host thought she had sought the right refugee by introducing city smart wire king (Abdallah Nsubuga) to her parents late last year so as to claim full responsibility of his pants but it seems she just needs to settle down with her worrying lust.

“I always create slogans that make me happy however abalala zibanyiza naye am not a doll to please u goons. So yenze mukyala Nsubuga omu bwaati kijakubaluma mpaka magombe bwemutandaba bulabi. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Naye nyiza yarabi,” a previous Facebook post of Fifi Da Queen usually showering praises to her faithful Fab Love.

However, according to the pics salvaging social media showing Fab Love with a mystery chic during a secret Kukyala ceremony really tells it all that Fifi should just endure the pain and play it cool for getting a co-wife after all the Islamic religion gives a pass to abled husbands to marry as many as four wives.

Fab Love during his kukyala to the parents of his mystery chic
Fab Love during his kukyala to the parents of his mystery chic

Having gotten to know about the shocking news, the inquisitive Fifi Da Queen out of pretense had to hit her Facebook social media platform to seek answers from her hubby.

“🤣🤣🤣nowasa notangamba boo walai nobye nze omubwaati? nobye mama nobye walai 🤣🤣 but congs my muula,” she lamented.