Hanson Baliruno Launches War Against Peng Peng

Soft voiced and gospel turned secukar fast growing Ugandan singer Hanson Baliruno is in fresh verbal war with popular Facebook blogger Raymond Soulfa alias Peng Peng who was once his best friend with allegations that the blogger has tarnished his name.

The motor mouth blogger has on several occasions taken social media as a medium of attacking celebrities and socialites. However, this time round its one of his long time close associate Hanson who he once praised claiming he was one of the best artists.

Peng Peng openly skinned his long time friend Hanson while talking to Vision Group’s Flavia Namulindwa, Peng threw jibes at Hanson affirming that he pretends to live a “large” life yet he doesn’t have money. We all know Hanson for shooting expensive music videos, but Peng doesn’t feel they are good enough to have TV air plays, he further asserted that Hanson pays presenters pocket change to play his music.

Peng Peng aka Raymond Soulfa
Peng Peng aka Raymond Soulfa

On a sad note Hanson got a view of the clip that provoked him and fumed which made him share memories of some of times he had with Blogger Peng Peng.

In an assertion of singer Hanson Baliruno he stated the he helped house and raise Peng Peng when went to Sweden way back in 2014.

This man has a bad heart. Not only did I feed him but I housed him until I got him where to stay.” Hanson stated.

Peng Peng and Hanson Baliruno
Peng Peng and Hanson Baliruno

Hanson further recalls that at one time when Peng Peng abused him at the exact house he connected him to and dressed in the same clothes he bought him.

The furious Hanson shared screenshots from 2014 when Peng was showering him with praises saying he was his best friend.

Hanson Baliruno
Hanson Baliruno

This new verbal war has got the mood tense and we are still awaiting the response from vocal Peng Peng.

Watch the Interview Below:

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