Gravity Omutujju goes obscene and abuses a fan for telling him what to sing about

Gravity Omutujju

Lugaflow rapper Gravity Omutujju has lost his cool and ended up abusing a fan for advising him to do good music.

Ever since the ‘Embuuzi zakutudde’ singer separated with Feffe Buusi who was solely responsible for penning down good lyrics, Gravity has been at a center of criticism from revelers who have been judging his half baked music projects which they believe are below standards.

To express his frustration and anger to the too much negative criticism from fans, Gravity had to throw jibes at a concerned fan who hit hard at him for not upping his music after learning that he was in advanced stages of dropping his latest project dubbed ‘Abanyampi’.


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Don’t you think Omutujju had to be more calm and conscience with the fan’s attack on him?