“Go and hang if you don’t like my mini-skirts and er0tic dances”- Winnie Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has fired back live shots at people blaming her for always dressing up in skimpy clothes and dancing er0tically wherever she goes to especially on her social media pages.

Even though she publicly apologized for her recent scandle at St Mary’s school, Nwagis is not yet ready to let go of her skimpy clothes and dance moves as she has revealed in an interview with a local TV Station.

“If anyone is offended by my dress code please stay away from my performances,” Nwagi said adding that, “I love miniskirts and I will continue putting them on. You cannot force me to be Rema or Mariam Ndagire. I am Winnie Nwagi and I have to be real to myself”, Nwagi stated.

Watch the interview below: