GNL Zamba drops ‘moonglow’ visuals, remix of ‘Nsimbi’ Album

GNL Zamba

Legendary Lugaflow artiste and rapper Ernest Nsimbi alias GNL Zamba has dropped yet another sensational love song dubbed ‘MoonGlow’ off his Nsimbi’ Album.

The rapper broke to the Ugandan musical scenes with a phenomenal style of music in the HipHop category that seemed abandoned in 2008, which later shaped his career however toward late 2014 when he relocated to the States where he is based and doing his commercial music.

However, despite enjoying waves with numerous hits, Zamba later on could not sustain the pressure with the new uprising young talented artistes but rather opted to further his musical career while in the diaspora.

Blizz Uganda brings you the latest visuals of ‘MoonGlow’ of the Baboon Forest CEO, a video that will romantically thrill you, well the choice of costumes and female glamour sexy girls used in the video , you wouldn’t wish to have each moment missed.


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