Former NBS Presenter Simon Muyanga Lutaaya Spotted at NTV Uganda

Simon Muyanga
Simon Muyanga

Former NBS Television presenter Simon Muyanga Lutaaya who quit the station a few months ago was spotted on NTV having an exclusive interview with Mr. Andrew Kaberaho which has raised eyebrows of his followers.

According to info Blizz Uganda has gotten and collected from different social media posts, Muyanga who left NBS with claims of quitting TV to focus mor eon his political career is most likely to join the rival station.

“Waiting to see Sir Muyanga again on TV is like a rainy season to a farmer down there in Masaka. Please don’t allow me to speculate Sir Simon” Mj Kenneth retweeted

We are yet to get a confirmation from both parties, NTV Uganda and Simon Muyanga himself.