Fille Mutoni Sends Heartwarming Birthday Message to MC Kats

Fille Mutoni - MC Kats
Fille Mutoni - MC Kats

Still preaching love and loyalty to her first cut, fast rising singer Fille Mutonyi has sent a heartwarming birthday message to the father of her baby, MC Kats.

Though critics are still not certain on the romantic trail between the two once love birds, NBSafter5 co-host and the ‘Love Again’ singer, the way they are behaving so cozy and intimate to each other proves the fact that Kats and Fille are still a big item given the fact that he is still promoting her music career.

It must be remembered that Saturday 1st June annually is a special day in the life career of MC Kats, one of the Buganda regents who witnessed the signing of the 1900 Buganda agreement no wonder his baby mama couldn’t forego taking on the pride to wish her bae a happy birthday through a soothing heartwarming message.

“Happy birthday Taata Abby,” stated Fille Mutoni through her social media Facebook platform.