“Fifi is the Queen of Fools”- Omulangira Suuna

Omulangira Suuna - Fifi Da Queen

There is a World war III of words that has kickstarted between Bukedde TV’s presenter Fiona Nabitengero aka Fifi Da Queen and singer Omulangira Suuna that seems to cost the two parties heavily and their followers at large.

This follows the ‘Akateteyi’ singer’s revelation about the ‘Kanayokya ani’ Bukedde TV show host who he claims to be worth being called a ‘Queen of Fools’ given the way she is digesting the day today events in people’s lives.

OS isn’t happy with the ‘Enkyenkya kya wiikendi’ Bukedde TV show host who he claims came out recently on air to hoodwink the public that his music career is a failed one as he doesn’t make any strides and growth in the industry given the too much time and experience he has had hence alleging that he might have been bewitched and needs traditional medical attention.

During a TV interview last Tuesday, the pissed off OS couldn’t reveal the fact that Fifi is just a celebrated fool who keeps on attacking innocent souls at the expense of her programme and personal motives something which is so worrying.

Fifi Da Queen
Fifi Da Queen

Though he conceded not yet getting where he is wishing to be musically, Omulangira Suuna reminded Fifi Da Queen that his fortunes are still in the making and is confident of becoming a success artiste in the near future.

OS is so perplexed that even the so called “President wa Bakoowu” who is attacking him for having a stunted career has for long been on TV but she doesn’t even make the top figure Television personalities hence she should think before she acts.

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A serious war between @fifidaqueen and @OmulangiraSuuna A serious war between Bukedde TV ‘s Phionah Nabitengero aka FifiDa Queen and struggling singer Omulangira Ssuuna OS Suna has broken out, , OS acuses Fifi for what he calls talking foul about him, when Fifi was on her program said Os Suuna is ever an upcoming artiste she advised him to go to Bukalango to be prayed for or quit music after making another hit song a thing that didn’t make Suuna happy , he replied her by calling her Queen of fools who has nothing to do but just to tarnish his name, “She is a Queen of fools, I have never abused her but I don’t know why she tarnishes my name, I know I can still make it because am still alive, I can be a minister, MP or any other big person in this country, the only person who doesn’t have luck is the dead one” . Os is the writer of @REMA’s song Be with you which she just released its video few days back and he is working on a collabo with Spice Diana .

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Fifi Da Queen
Fifi Da Queen