“Fat women will not go to heaven”- prominent priest shocks world (Video)

Priest pushed off the stage

A video of a woman pushing a priest off the stage while he was addressing the audience has gone viral allover the internet as the incident took place in Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo in Brazil where the unidentified woman pushed the priest as he said, “fat women don’t go to heaven.”

The woman was initially sitting in the audience as Father Marcelo Rossi was going on addressing the audience on the mic during a live broadcast.

The 5-second video was shared on Twitter with the caption:She shoved him because he said fat women won’t go to heaven,” shows a woman dressed in a simple white T-shirt and jeans rushing past the security and pushing the priest off the stage.

As the priest falls down and the mic catches the sound of a thud, the woman can be seen smiling and getting ready to go behind the priest again as security comes in. According to a statement released by Cancao Nova, the priest was not badly hurt and returned to the stage after the incident, to finish what he was saying.