Faded Musician Ronnie Banton Finally Building

Ronnie Banton House

The latest on our desk affirms that faded local singer Ronnie Banton seems to be embattled in a struggle for the fittest and has decided to venture into farming as his other source of income and from this money he is now building a house of his own.

Despite the fact that he is still referred to as a recording artiste with a number of projects that haven’t won public attention, the ‘Tonywa novuga’ singer is struggling for a bright future with more emphasis put outside studios so as to better his standards of living.

Through his social media Facebook platform, Ronnie Banton has showed off some of his projects mention his tomato and pineapple garden and a forest of trees where he is currently earning some few dimes that are Facilitating the accomplishment of his little mansion.

“Roni Banton The Farmer!!! The other side of me that you didn’t know…,” stated Roni Banton through his social media Facebook platform.

Ronnie Banton Ronnie Banton Ronnie Banton