Drunk Maama Fiina Dances Peng Peng in Sweden (Video)

Peng Peng and Maam Fiina in Sweden

The leader of traditional doctors in Uganda, Maama Fiina, real names Silvia Sofia Namutebi shocked her fans and followers when she showed up very drunk and in a lousy mood with Sweden based Ugandan Facebook influencer Peng Peng.

Maama Fiina and Peng Peng aka Raymond Soulfa appeared in a Live Facebook video with a one known as Isma but the way they were dancing, romancing and touching each other made the viewers asume that they went beyond the video.

Speculators allover social media have been seen judging Maama Fiina and saying that Peng Peng must have feasted on her sumbie as she was dead drunk and didn’t know what she was doing.

Watch one of the videos below: