Did John Blaq and his team really beat up BB Zanda? Full truth here

John Blaq vs BB Zanda

A few days ago, upcoming singer real name Katamba but commonly known as BB Zanda came out and national TV and announced how he had reported a case at Central Police of how singer John Blaq and his crew had badly beaten up his manager.

BB Zanda claimed that his manager was attacked by a clique from John Blaq that almost killed him. Zanda who was allegedly attacked after performing at some bar on Salaama Road and says he noticed it were people from John Blaq’s camp although he couldn’t notice if the ‘Kanotoka’ musician was among them.

It is said a case was reported at the Katwe Police who have since summoned John Blaq to help them with investigations. However, when John Blaq was contacted but he refused to say a word.

John Blaq

However, Blizz Uganda team has been able to talk to an eye witness who narrated to us the whole scenario of what exactly happened and here we have it all for you.

“John Blaq was not part of that fight, it just happened to be a coincidence that he was also invited to perform at the same bar but when he left, some goons wanted to steal a phone from BB Zanda’s manager but when he refused to give it to them, they beat him up and stabbed him with a bottle but when he went to police he reported to them that he was attacked by John Blaq’s team,” a trusted source narrated to Blizz Uganda team.

Also watch the video below: