Cristiano Ronaldo Wins 3rd Trophy In a Row

Cristiano Ronaldo

If they asked you to give the football kings of the 21st century, you would unanimously give Messi and Ronaldo. But who would you opt for if they asked you to choose one.

The two have had a marvelous and competitive error in club football, both winning league titles, champions league titles and league cups. Taking a look at their scoring form, the two football geniuses are closely competing with Ronaldo bettering but with a gap of less than 10 goals.

But it’s only at national levels that one can draw a difference between the two. Both have featured in three finals for their respective countries.

Cristiano Ronaldo was part of 2004 Portugal squad that lost 1-0 to Greece but here Ronaldo counted less as he was a little teenager.

Ronaldo also played a major role as they beat France 1-0 in Euro 2016 and on Sunday 9th June 2019 went on to guide his nation to winning the inaugural nations title as they beat the Netherlands 1-0.

All those successes at the national level beat Leonel Messi whose hunt for an international trophy is still in hopes.

Messi has been in three finals too; the 2014 world cup which they lost to German, the 2015 Copa America which they lost to Chile and the 2016 Copa centenarial also losing to Chile. All these loses for Messi show he’s failed to drive his nation to victory like his counterpart Ronaldo has done.

Copa America 2019 is getting underway and commences on 14th June 2019 as hosts Btazil take on Bolivia. We’re waiting to see if Messi can overturn this and keep pace with the Portuguese star.