Crash A Man Lyrics – Fm Kid

((((International flight in a minute))))
[Verse 1]
Hi, dj rewind the tune I feel the beat
Cause this girl is dem finer She all over me mind
All over me brain She brings me say hung over
The way her body is crozing She a well proving
That she can really really bend over
I’m in love with her hips Her lips She make me say my family game over
Ohh look the way girl she a back it up She bangs my mind girl she a set it up
Me losing control come and pick me up This striper she a does me a real crap
She gat me loss me stamina Me act like drunken master
Antomeza ebisenge Muwala kumulembe
Ankuba nga omwengwe Ambuziza emirembe…

Sing Along

This girl she a crash
Crash Crash
Meeenooo (men)
She knocks me
Up Down Up
Againooo (again)
She takes all me energy
Me energy Me energy
And brings me ability
Ability Ability

[Verse 2]
Ehhh Yee Gyal..
Baby girl she dance inna slow motion style
Yetapapa nolugendo nebweluba mile
Amanyi obigula She knows how to wine
Up and down
She a kill me inside
Gyal ayakayaka nga white Nile
Ankuba ambojeza nga chupa ya Nile
Styled up gyal Alikumutindo
Sente zange azinyweseza Anziza nekukyeyo
Girl she gat my temperature rising
The way she does the tings is so so amazing
Baby she gat me already offended
Baby she a drive me so crazily..(crazily)
My sugar mummy My best of mummy
So sweet like sugar cane
Baby… My honey
Ehh.. Ha…


She a crash me bad Crash me bad
Crash me bad She a does me bad
Does me bad Does me bad
She a crash me bad Crash me bad
Crash me bad She gat the energy
The ability Eehhhyeah…

[Chorus] x2


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