Christians Boycott Fundraising Service Due to Bobi Wine’s Absence

The empty seats after the congregation stormed out of the church fundraising ceremony due to the absence of MP Bobi Wine.

As the Pearl of Africa gears up for the highly anticipated next general elections, Politics has already kick started creating divisions in the church of Uganda.

The development follows a saddening scenario this website has learnt when Christians at St. Stephens Anglican Church Kayabwe, Mpigi district on Sunday morning 23 June boycotted a church fundraising service because of the absence of the People Power political pressure group CEO, MP Bobi Wine.

According to our credible sources, the Kyadondo East legislator had previously been confirmed as the chief fundraiser for the construction of St. Stephens Anglican church Kayabwe and the congregation had made it in time on Sunday morning to give back by raising a permanent temple of the Lord.

However, the flock was surprised after learning of the standing orders from the Uganda police and the leaders of the Anglican church who had blocked MP Bobi Wine from the service with fears of the later turning the occasion political.

Bobi Wine’s absence has left the entire flock disappointed and because of this frustration, they have decided to shun the morning service and hit back home lamenting that if Bobi Wine can’t be cleared into the place with love, then the Uganda police and Anglican church leaders should fundraise for the construction of their church personally.

Accordingly, items that had been prepared by the church for auctioning have also been returned back to the stores given the fact that the angry congregation had stormed out of the preparations.