Chris Evans registers success at ‘Bwebinyuma’ concert, photos

Chris Evans with Maureen Nantume

Band musician Chris Evans Kaweesi last Friday 5th July had a successful ‘Bwebinyuma’ concert with revelers not at all disappointing but attend the fun-filled night that went down at Club Obligato in Kampala City.

Forget about his amazing and touchy love ballads, by 9pm Club Obligato was already filled to capacity with all sort of fans majoring in the ordinary and corporates to enjoy the highly anticipated show down.

Chris Evans Kaweesi could not at all disappoint as he took on revelers with some of his career hit songs mention ‘Ndikusasulaki, Rihanna, Bwolonda, Bwbeinyuma, Linda which he performed with Rema Namakula among others that left revelers appreciative and entertained.

The climaxing moment of the show down saw Chris Evans so cozy take on Golden Productions Maureen Nantume as they perform their hit single ‘Kisagaanda’ that saw the audience usher it in with ululation and whistling.

Check out the pictorial below: