Chris Evans promises to show off his fiancé at ‘Bwebinyuma’ concert

Chris Evans Kaweesi - Zanie Brown

The day is today for band musician Chris Evans Kaweesi to bury his love misfortunes by thrilling revelers in a live ‘Bwebinyuma music concert’ which is at the same time will be an opportunity for the singer to show off his fiancée to the public

He is been in a lot of hardships mention being battered with hammers because of love in addition to disappointments from former girlfriend, actress Jamirah Karungi and songbird Zanie Brown.

Revelers are expected to flock up Club Obligato on Friday 5th July as Chris Evans Kaweesi takes them through the drills of his music journey in a live concert dubbed ‘Bwebinyuma’ where he is anticipated to reveal his new soulmate and future baby mama.

It must be remembered that during his special visit at Owino market last Thursday as he mobilised support from revelers in his live concert later on today, several fans of the ‘Bwolonda’ singer advised him to cross over the bachelor’s life and hook up a soulmate a leaf that he took home with love.

Zanie Brown sends a kiss to Chris Evans, leaves his pants disorganized

Let’s watch the space.